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International Chemical Engineering Symposia 2023

15-17, March 2023, Koganei Campus, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


The sessions in the symposia are listed below.

  • [K-1] Sustainable Technologies from Various Chemical Reaction Engineering Perspectives (Mar. 15 pm)
  • [K-2] Recent Developments on Process Systems Engineering (Mar. 15 pm)
  • [K-3] Organic/Inorganic Thin Film Processing for Applications to Electronic and Energy Devices (Mar. 16 am)
  • [K-4] Biomedical Engineering Challenges toward Intractable Diseases (Mar. 16 pm)
  • [K-5] The 11th Japan-China Symposium on Chemical Engineering (Mar. 17)
  • [IS-1] IChES 2023 General session (Mar. 17)


Program is here.

Registered participants (Period I/II) and invited persons can view the abstracts using ID/PW from March 1.


The symposium will be held using GOING VIRTUAL.

Instruction is here